Gap Year FAQs

Everything You Need to Know about Gap Year Programs

Did you know that Gap Year programs are not an American concept? They were actually started in Europe to help young adults prepare for their next stage of life, whether that be college or their career. Gap year programs are year-long, post-High School programs designed to prepare young adults for their next stage of life and offer students an opportunity to grow, mature, work, learn, explore, and travel. While Gap Year programs can focus on specific goals, talents, and skills, they are generally a non-academic experience in between two very academically rigorous experiences – High School and College.

Gap years are programs designed with a specific goal in mind: that students would leave having a practical, professional, and personal awareness of themselves and the trajectory they want to go. Many students who attend a gap year program have many questions about what they want to do or what route they want to take in life, so they opt for the less traditional route of gap year to answer those questions. Many top Ivy League Schools, including Harvard University, are big proponents of gap year programs due to the experience they offer and the academic drive and maturity students demonstrate after finishing their year.

Gap Years are often the first year where students are on their own and can focus on growing themselves individually, mentally, academically, and/or spiritually. After finishing a gap year in a new and unique environment, students have more of an understanding of who they are, what they believe, how they’re wired, and who they are going to become. Gap year programs provide a year of experience, and oftentimes experience is the best teacher.

When you set off to choose a gap year, a world of questions might come to your mind, the main one being: ‘Which gap year is right for me or my student?’ All gap years are different, which means each one brings something unique to the table. We suggest following the ‘Three C’s’ formula when making your decision:

1. Character – Any program is only as good as the people they hire. The staff surrounding your students is huge!

2. Cost – Is the program going to give you your money’s worth?

3. Curriculum – Does the Gap Year prgram provide you with all classroom time, all out-of-classroom time, or a mixture of both? Are students able to apply their education to their everyday lives?

What are you or your student hoping to extract from your experience – could it be travel, growing in a specific skill, or growing in maturity? These are great things to think about as you narrow down your options!

Why do you believe what you believe?

At Link Year, you will rediscover the foundations of your faith by learning how to apply Scripture to your life, answering apologetical questions, and learning how God has wired you and seeks to work through you. Our program equips you to do more than go to university and return with a degree - it encourages you to go and be an influencer for your generation

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